Deities of Kharav

Servants of the Creator

The Creator is said to be responsible for the world, but the Creator’s angels are the beings who receive regular tribute and worship from the many races on Kharav. Most faiths teach that the Creator first made his angels to assist with the making of the world and its people, and that these beings remained close to his creation after the Creator moved on. The people of Kharav have come to think of these angels as gods in their own right.

All angels have many spheres of influence, but most are known best for either the race they created, the trade or tradition they began, or for which worldly function they control.

Racial Deities:

Racial deities typically receive more worship than others, even more than those that serve as patrons of trades or ideologies. These angels either directly or indirectly fostered one of Kharav’s races.

Asmodeus: Hellspawn
Aurea: Humans
Avandra: Halflings
Bahamut: Dragons
Baphomet: Minotaurs
Corellon: Eladrin
Gruumsh: Orcs
Kanchelsis: Vampires
Karaan: Lycanthropes
Kurtulmak: Kobolds
Laogzed: Lizardfolk
Lolth: Drow
Maglubiyet: Goblinoids
Moradin: Dwarves
Quorlinn: Kenku
Ramenos: Bullywugs
Sehanine: Elves
Sekolah: Sahuagin and Kuo-Toa
Yeenoghu: Gnolls
Zehir: Yuan-Ti

Patron Deities:

Patron deities are widely worshiped, providing aid to those who further their particular cause. They tend to receive more tribute than all but the racial deities. These angels are patrons of a cause or idea.

Aurea: Religious Devotion, Truth
Avandra: Trade, Prosperity
Bahamut: Justice, Law
Corellon: Beauty, Art
Erathis: Civilization, Order
Ioun: Knowledge, Arcana
Kord: Battle, Athleticism
Maglubiyet: Conquest, Leadership
Melora: Preservation of Nature
Moradin: Craftsmanship, Familial Love
Nusemnee: Redemption, Atonement
Pelor: Life, Platonic Love
The Raven Queen: Death, Fate
Sehanine: Trickery, Romantic Love
Tharizdun: Astronomy, Secrecy

Natural Deities

Natural deities serve to carry out functions of nature, be it seasonal progression, weather, or warding particular environments. Though the world was made to function without direct action on the part of the natural deities, they serve to keep these forces of nature balanced.

Corellon: Spring
Kord: Weather
Melora: The Sea
Moradin: The Earth
Pelor: Summer
Quorlinn: The Sky
The Raven Queen: Winter
Sehanine: Autumn

Calendar Deities

The Common Calendar was developed in an effort to avoid confusion among historians and governments in keeping track of world events. For ease of use, the months were named after twelve popular and easily memorable deities. These deities are listed in the order the months progress on the calendar.

The Raven Queen

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Deities of Kharav

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