Kharav is a world of diverse lands spanning its surface with miles of ocean in between. Above Kharav orbit the twin moons Selune and Sune.

Land (Main Article: Lands of Kharav)

The lands of Kharav are made up of five primary continents, six subcontinents, and many smaller islands. These lands are made up of a variety of ecosystems, from tropical rainforest to scorched desert, and from temperate forest to frozen tundra.

The map of Kharav is color-coded to represent the primary ecosystem in a given area.
Dark Green = Temperate, deciduous forest.
Lime Green = Tropical rainforest.
Pale Green = Subtropical forest and swampland.
Yellow = Grassland and savanna.
Orange = Desert.
Dark Violet = Mountainous, alpine terrain.
Pale Violet = Taiga and coniferous forest.
White = Tundra and glacial ice sheets.

Water (Main Article: Seas of Kharav)

The waters of Kharav are made up of six major oceans and many seas covering much of the world’s surface, as well as many inland lakes and rivers. The oceans are salty, whereas most inland lakes are glacial or formed through tectonic activity and are made up of fresh water. The world’s waters are rich in fish and other aquatic wildlife, and provide a major source of food for much of the world’s people.

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