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The Heirs of Kharav

Welcome to the campaign homepage. This wiki will be the main source of up-to-date information for my new campaign. Though I have laid out the groundwork for the campaign world, cooperative world building is encouraged, so feel free to edit or create new pages. Just do your best to make sure they do not override or contradict information in existing pages. I do not want to spend more time editing player input than I do adding new information. That said, feel free to explore your new world and spice it up with some flavor of your own. – Your Humble DM

The World of Kharav

Kharav is the goblin name for the world as a whole. It has two moons, vast oceans, and several continents encompassing a wide variety of environments.

Natives of Kharav

Many races call Kharav their home, from industrious humans to nomadic Gnolls, graceful Eladrin to infernal Hellspawn.

Religion on Kharav

Though religion is somewhat varied on Kharav, most traditions hold that there is a single Creator, whose angels are worshiped as patrons of various trades, values, or races. Some nomadic tribes also worship daemonic spirits within Kharav, and there are also far-flung communities and cults who worship distant beings said to live among the stars.

Main Page

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